Updating Obsolete Electrical Systems in Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities often contain electrical systems that have been in place for decades. As equipment and processes evolve, these legacy electrical systems can become obsolete, inefficient, and even dangerous. Upgrading antiquated electrical infrastructure in factories and plants provides substantial benefits, but requires careful planning and execution.

Why Industrial Electrical Systems Become Obsolete

Several factors contribute to electrical systems in industrial plants becoming outdated over time:

Proactive upgrades to address these issues before problems arise can optimize safety, productivity, and costs.

Planning an Electrical System Upgrade

Careful planning is crucial when undertaking major electrical upgrades in operating facilities. Key elements of the planning process include:

Key Elements of an Electrical System Upgrade

Upgrading industrial electrical service typically involves a combination of the following elements:

Power Distribution Equipment

Wiring and Devices

Supporting Infrastructure

Monitoring and Control

Executing the Electrical Upgrade

Careful coordination is vital for a smooth electrical system upgrade. Critical factors include:

With proper planning and execution, industrial electrical system upgrades can greatly improve safety, reliability, efficiency, and functionality for decades to come. But the process requires expertise and diligent oversight to avoid costly mistakes.