Upgrading Overhead Electrical Wiring to Meet Current Standards

Upgrading the overhead electrical wiring in your home or business to meet current electrical standards is an important safety consideration that can prevent fires, electrocutions, and loss of power. As an electrician, I often recommend homeowners and business owners upgrade their outdated electrical systems to take advantage of improved safety features and increased capacity.

Reasons to Upgrade Overhead Electrical Wiring

There are several key reasons why upgrading overhead electrical wiring is recommended:


Increased Electrical Load Capacity

Improved Reliability

Added Safety Features

Evaluating Your Existing Electrical Wiring

Determining if your overhead electrical wiring needs upgrading involves several important checks:

Age of Wiring

Wire Gauge

Insulation Condition


Overloaded Circuits

Options for New Overhead Electrical Wiring

When upgrading home or business wiring, key decisions include:

Copper vs. Aluminum

Wire Capacity

Wiring Installation Method

Added Safety Features

Electrical Codes for Overhead Wiring Upgrades

All overhead wiring upgrades must meet local and national electrical codes:

Proper overhead electrical wiring is vital for safety in our homes and workplaces. Upgrading outdated, insufficient wiring requires evaluating your current system and making prudent improvements. Partnering with professional licensed electricians ensures your overhead rewiring project meets all electrical codes and provides maximum safety for decades to come.