“Why Your Business May Not Need That Expensive New Lighting System”

Why Your Business May Not Need That Expensive New Lighting System

Having the right lighting in your business can transform the look and feel of your space. With all the fancy new lighting systems on the market, it can be tempting to invest in the latest and greatest options. However, an expensive lighting upgrade may not be the right choice for every business. Here's why your business may not need that pricey new lighting system.

Lighting Needs Vary by Business Type

The type of lighting you need depends heavily on the nature of your business. A retail store has different needs than a restaurant, which has different needs than an office.

Retail Stores

Retail stores need lighting that shows off merchandise in the best way. Accent and display lighting highlight products, while ambient lighting creates a comfortable shopping environment. Most retail stores don't need complicated lighting schemes. Simple track lighting or LED spotlights often work well to achieve both focused task lighting and overall store illumination.


Restaurants require lighting that sets ambience. Dim, warm hanging lights over tables create intimacy, while brighter lighting in active areas improves safety and visibility. Restaurants can achieve the lighting environment they want with basic lighting techniques like wall sconces and pendant lights. Fancy RGB color-changing lights usually aren't necessary.


Offices need functional, flattering lighting. Overhead lighting should be bright enough for computer work without causing eye strain. Meanwhile, lighting should minimize unflattering shadows and glare for video calls. Layering ambient ceiling lights, task lamps, and natural light often provides the right office lighting balance.

Simple Lighting Improvements Often Suffice

Before investing in an expensive new lighting system, consider simpler lighting upgrades that could meet your needs. Here are some easy lighting improvements to try first:

Just keeping lighting clean and replacing old bulbs can dramatically boost illumination. Small upgrades like adding dimmers or reflectors also go a long way before requiring major new lighting.

New Systems May Provide Limited Benefits

Will an expensive, cutting-edge lighting system provide enough extra benefits to justify the cost? Consider the potential pros and cons.

Potential Benefits

Potential Downsides

For some businesses like theaters or theme parks, advanced lighting capabilities create value. For many businesses though, those benefits may be unnecessary and not worth the higher costs.

Focus on Lighting That Supports Your Goals

Rather than buying into trends, carefully consider what lighting would best support your business goals. Some key questions to ask:

Let your unique business needs, rather than the latest technology, guide your lighting choices. The fancy new system might not be the best investment. With the right approach, you can design lighting that works for your business at a reasonable cost. Carefully weighing your specific needs, incremental upgrades, and overall goals can inform smart lighting decisions.